In a spirit of development and adaptation to the international economic changes, CARTIER SAADA equipped itscertifications manufacturing unit with the most powerful installations and the most modern machines.

QUALITY CERTIFICATION: conscious of the necessity of demonstrating the capacity to be supplied regularly a product corresponding to the requirements of the customers and to the statutory requirements CARTIER SAADA knew how to develop for a long time a culture quality by the adoption of a step and it through national and international standards:

*CERTIFIACTE OF CONFORMITY OF INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM: The EACCE certifies that the system of internal control of the quality of foodstuffs of CARTIER SAADA meets the requirements of the repository PIAQ.

Everything is ordered and ordered since the reception of the raw material until the transformation in finished product.

It also contains the good management of the company by way of the administrative until the maintenance etc.

In fact, purpose is to realize a work which gets closer in all its phases of zero defect and so to satisfy as good as possible the requirements of a customer who becomes less and less tolerant.

*HACCP: It is the method which was developed in the NASA towards the 70s to prepare flats for the astronauts who left in the space.

It allows controlling minutely every stage of the manufacture of the product, the reception of the fresh goods in the production in waterproof closed bowls.

It aims regularly at the hygiene of the staff, at cleaning and at the disinfections of all the present material in the factory.

*BRC/IFS:  the impeccable quality of the products required by the final consumer, control risks to food security and the internationalization of exchanges are all issues which face the agro-food market. In this context, the company CARTIER SAADA is compliance to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) repository. This new certification will allow access to new markets in Europe exports.  The BRC certification is a British technical repository for companies supplying food products. It is designed to help companies comply with their legal obligations and protect the consumer.

 HALAL LABEL: CARTIER SAADA has the right to use the HALAL label for these vegetable preserves.

Certificate of KASHEROUT: the olives preserved in CARTIER SAADA are certified kosher.

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